Christopher Maltin

Christopher Maltin | Biomethane

Christopher Maltin was the founder, presently the chairman, of Organic Power Holdings Ltd., and is a director of Biomethane Ltd.  As a qualified and experienced mechanical engineer he has been involved with the development and promotion of clean fuels all his working life.  He was leader of the team which he put together to design, develop and promote the first fuel systems and high performance engines to operate on lead-free petrol.  He is also a respected consultant, being recognised as one of the foremost experts in the field of producing sustainable vehicle fuel using anaerobic digestion, and served as the UK’s representative on the bioenergy committee of the International Energy Agency for eight years.  He was a founder member of the Renewable Energy Association, chairman of the Global Biomethane Congress, a member of the UK government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation committee, a member of the All Party Parliamentary Renewable Transport Fuels Group and the Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group and a member of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association.  He has advised governments and regional committees on the treatment of organic waste by anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy, organic fertilisers, renewable fuels and environmentally friendly products using sustainable materials made from organic wastes and has spoken on these subjects at conferences all over the world.

His team’s pioneering and highly successful work on unleaded fuel systems for high performance engines led to the worldwide banning of leaded fuel and an interest in the production of biomethane gas for use as ‘the most environmentally friendly vehicle fuel in the world’ and hence to research into the anaerobic processing of organic ‘wastes’ to use these as a sustainable source to produce renewable energy and useful materials, on which patents have been granted in 87 countries.  In addition to his work on the Somerset District and Circle Line rail development, his recent projects include Biomethane’s leadership of the GoByGas consortium to convert 27 heavy goods vehicles to operate on clean, renewable fuel and to design gas vehicle refuelling systems (hydrogen and biomethane) with which to build a network of refuelling stations for the new generation of low carbon, environmentally friendly road and rail transport systems.  This system will be used to refuel the new EcoTram which his team are presently engaged.

His longstanding and strongly held views about the presently unsustainable world economy, and mankind’s treatment of the planet have recently been internationally recognised.